Burning The Sky | Feature Film (Post)

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Year of Production: 2023
Hebrew and Arabhic

Production company: ZOA Films

Logline: Natali, a beautiful Israeli model, is paralyzed after an accident at sea. While at rehabilitation she meets Yossef, a kind Palestinian paraprofessional. Albeit her being suspicious at the start the two fall in love. When their relationship is discovered, the reservations coming from their families threaten to separate them.

Imri Matalon
Screenwriter: Imri Matalon
Produced by: Aviv Ben Shlush, Roei Zioni, Lee Ben Shlush
Director of photography: Roey Roth
Editor: Shira Kino Arad

Lihi Koronowski
Alaa Daka
Ofek Pesach

Release date: 2024