Gila Who Walks Alone | Short Film

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Year of Production:
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

Production companies: Marabout Films & Zoa Films

Logline: GILA - a sickly orthodox Jewish woman, thirty and unmarried, is living with her parents on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Gila’s life is one of great restrictions.

One night she leaves her home to the tomb of Rachel the Mother — the holy site of the Jewish saint of womanhood — where a magical festival is currently being held. She joins with other worshipers in pilgrimage, seeking out the charity of the divine protective mother. But, contrary to the community's expectations, instead of finding health, the blessing of fertility or a renewal of her faith, Gila discovers the power within herself to take the first steps towards independent life.

Director: Yuval Shapira
Screenwriter: Yuval Shapira
Producers: Alexandra Reveyrand-de Menthon, Aviv Ben Shlush, Roei Zioni, Ori Burg
Co-Producer: Adi Navon
DOP: Ilya Marcus
Editor: Shira Hochman

Batel Dotan
Riki Blich

The New Fund for Film & Television

Krakow International Film Festival (Oscar Qulefier)
Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS
Manlleu Film Festival