Shake Your Cares Away | Feature Film 98 mins

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Year of Production: 2021
Language: Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Arabic with English subtitles

Production companies: Green productions, United king films, one-two films
Associate production company: ZOA films

Logline: The unexpected death of Noah Arbel, an Israeli tycoon, leaves his newly wed Alma as the richest widow in Israel. She inherits his fortune and his monumental villa in Caesarea. When she encounters a desolate homeless woman and her baby, her vision of her surroundings sharpens, and her conscious is awakened. She invites them into her villa and pays for all their needs. With this act of kindness, she feels that she found her calling, causing her to raise the stakes even higher, becoming a 'savior' to the refugees and lost souls of the country, . These acts of radical philanthropy give Alma her lost sense of purpose but is also exposing her to systems of dark forces, interests and exploitation.

Director: Tom Shoval
Screenwriter: Tom Shoval
Produced by: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Maya Fischer, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Co-Producers: Sol Bondy, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Fred Burle, Natalia Mokritskaya, Mila Rozanova, Aviv Ben Shlush, Roei Zioni, Ori Burg
DOP: Daniel Miller, Ziv Berkovich
Editor: Michal Oppenheim

Bérénice Bejo
Yuval Mendelovich
Anna Stephan
Daniel Brusovani
Hila Cohen
Zeev Tene


Jerusalem Film Festival 2021

Release date: 2023