Girls Like Us | Feature Film 86 mins

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Year of Production: 2022
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

Logline: Shahar (17), a girl from a broken home, who’s studying at an at-risk youth institution, meets Perry (19), a soldier-counsellor newly assigned to the institution who sees in Shahar depths no-one has ever seen in her. Their evolving love story will push both of them to the edge.

Production company: ZOA Films

Director: Lee Gilat
Screenwriter: Bat-El Moseri
Producers: Aviv Ben Shlush, Roei Zioni, Ori Burg
Director of photography: Amit Yasur
Editor: Einat Glazer-Zarhin

Hili Yosef Zada
Hadar Dror
Yakov Daniel Zada
Bat-El Moseri

Rabinovich Foundation
The New Fund for Film & Television
Weil Bloch Film Award
Mifal HaPais

Thessaloniki 2021 WiP Competition

Release date: 2023